Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Is This Our Idea of Freedom?

Many thoughts have been rushing in my mind since the morning. There is nothing special about today's morning except one thing rather a girl. I was in train, heading towards Nagpur.  I have been seeing many girls who travel alone for their job or education since a year. So, it was very normal for me that a girl seated in opposite berth was travelling alone. But, one aunty started to ask many questions about her background and purpose of travel. Then, that aunty started to give moral lecture on women safety and risk for single women to travel in train. She has even boasted that she kept her daughter at home after completion of school because of 'safety' and increasing numbers of 'love affairs'.  Obviously, that girl didn't like moral policing. She avoided that aunty in rest of the journey.

From above incident, I am damn sure that to make our women independent and safe, we have to modernize and educate not only the boys, but whole society also. However, Only education is not enough to make our society progressive as we have many examples of perpetrators who are highly educated.  We can instil good values and progressive mind-set only thru' our family structure and elder people. Because, most of the children learn from elders in their home and neighbours. So, without changing elder's thought process, we cannot change boy's medieval thinking. Even At the 70th Independence Day, why our society don't want to see our women independent? And why do many women support this patriarchy? If anyone can challenge this stone aged patriarchy, it is women. Only women can challenge this narrow mindedness as it is thriving because of their silent support. Undoubtedly, we men also have to support in this cause in every possible manner.

There are boys out there who think that women who travel alone, stay independent, do job, travel at late night, roam with their friends till late night  are available for them. We should teach them that their freedom end where other's freedom start. Some of them even dare to break women's modesty and try to chase them by any illegal means. But, women afraid to speak out even after 70 years of independence. We got freedom from foreign rulers, but not from our superstitious beliefs and patriarchal traditions. And if they speak out and fight against such evils, society start to find flaws in women's dress and character. And women have to face restriction on their freedom in our so called free nation. And that's why we have to free this society from such evil thru' highly progressive value system. We have to change our society holistically.   

Let's start with our home. Discuss this issue with your family and friends. We are very zealous about sending greeting of Independence Day.  It seems greetings for the national days comes only on social media.  I haven't greeted to anybody 'Happy Independence Day' and 'Happy Republic Day' in person except social media. I am curious why we waste our time for such meaningless greetings every year. I believe in real celebration rather than virtual one. Celebrate every festival with full energy and enjoy every colours of life.  But, when we have such importance issues at our end unsolved, how can we pretend to be happy and proud on our culture?

Let's make our mind more free, make our surrounding more progressive and safe for the women.