Saturday, 29 July 2017

Shyness is not nature, It’s fear

“If you feel shy, your life is useless.” This is not the quote given by any legendary person, it has come from a very ordinary person. He is my friend’s relative. According to my views,  it’s ten cents true. When I look back into my life, I find many moments when I wasted them because of this fear. It had cost me joy and true satisfaction in some of my works.
We feel shame because of our past deed. But, shyness is different and it comes from our timidity and sometimes from baseless fear. So, all of us try to overcome this fear. Because it deteriorates our chances of holistic development.  We have to lose many chances to succeed and lead from the front because of this ridiculous feeling. There are many reasons behind we feel shy. Someone feel shy due to their own body, lack of knowledge, voice, dress, sense of inferiority, lack of confidence and many other reasons. But, in any way, it’s not going to help us. No matter how we have to confront this fear and conquer it. If you are right in all manner, have no intention to hurt someone, then why you should be shy. Be brave and speak out.

These reasons lie only in our mind. It’s because of our inner self. But, some feels shy because of matters which are not in their hands. Like, other’s presence, other’s knowledge and position and even other’s thinking about them. Someone also feels shy because of their work or profession. They should keep in mind that no work is little. Every work has its own significance and every human has own worth. So, don’t feel shy about yourself or work. Here, I have mentioned work and profession, though it has little relevance to this topic. Because, when one doesn't accept work due to his/her thoughts that work is inferior to their knowledge and it has little significance. And in the future, they may not get any other work as well. That work can earn them priceless experience and who knows that work will help them in their future? But, due to shyness and ‘superiority’ complex, we deny those chances and our future as well. It’s a myth that shyness comes only because of inferiority complex.

We should beat this fear by keeping ourselves confident, bold and abreast with full knowledge of our work. If you feel shy about doing any work and talk, try to find the reason and face it. Many of the time, it is just matter of self-confidence and taking initiative. Clear those reasons which loom over your mind and you will be able to that work, that talk and those decisions without any doubt. So, keep away those doubts by your knowledge and decision power. Because doubts lead to death. Be curious, not dubious.

Next time, when you feel shy, just hold your breath and say loudly, ‘So, what?’

Make your shyness shameful!