Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dialogue With Our Neighbour

You know the Andromedian, right? They are our nearest neighbour in this world.  As they often come on earth, I have got an opportunity to talk with one Andromedian about their lifestyle, rituals and habits. Here, I am going to describe one short conversation .

Me: Hey, are you from Andromeda?  Am I right?

Andromedian:  Yeah. I am from more technically advanced planet than yours.

Me: Of Course, but we are just a few steps behind you.

A: Not steps. Say, centuries. You know, we have developed such a system in which people don’t have to think about their daily routines, customs, food habits and many more things.

Me:  Oh! Systematic living.  But, it seems boring. No?

A: No, it’s very efficient for us. See, we have more time to work on development of our planet. We don’t have to waste time on petty things like choosing cloths, food, career and similar small things.

Me: So, all people on your planet eat same food and wear same dress.

A: Yes. We have a meal plan of a month and everybody has to follow it. It’s a law there.  
Even you cannot find other groceries and vegetables which are not mentioned in recipes of meal plan. And we have a set of colors and design patterns for cloth. All people have to pick their cloths’ style from that pre-defined set.

Me: So, you all get lot of idle time to enjoy with family and friends.

A: we don’t waste our time in such nonproductive things. We have a specified time to party with relatives in our calendar.

Me: For us it’s very boring. And if I want to go on date with my girlfriend or with friends, can I go?

A: We don’t have concept of girlfriend and boyfriend like yours.

Me: So, how do you choose your life partner?

A: Our parents choose for us. And we just marry them without any challenge.

Me: Your life is being dictated. How can you live with a person whom you don’t even know very well?

A: It is not dictatorship as you want to call it. It’s a systematic and scientific life style.

Me: what’s the use of technology when you cannot make any choice and you cannot take decision on your own ?

A: It’s not about personal choice. It’s about nation building, its development and efficient use of time. You cannot waste such a precious time on petty issues like food and celebration.

Me: No, life is about one’s freedom to take decisions on their own. 

A: But, freedom is waste of energy and time. See, we have fixed rules for how to celebrate any event or festival. We have also fixed places for that. So, people have to just go there and follow the instructions for that to celebrate.

Me: We are humans, not machines !

A: We are Andromedian ! We are not human like you.

Me: Okay, okay. You are becoming angry. Please calm down. Let's just talk other issues.

A: No, I don’t want to waste my time on other issues. We are here to observe your lifestyle. So, we can find rebellious on our planet who want to implement your lifestyle. Now, I am going to meet other people.

Me: It’s weird. I hope you will be changed when we will meet next time.

A: No, we don’t change. We are Andromedian.