Thursday, 25 May 2017

365° Review of last 365 Days

It's been a year now since we had left the college. Initially, I have thought to write my experience in long essay form with some philosophy and memories of college and friends. But, when I have started to think about broad outline and theme of the topic, I have realized that I was talking to my past self to churn out my experiences and learning from those experiences. So, I have decided to put that conversation  here  rather than a long essay of boring philosophy of mine.

Here, Nayan is my present self and Friend is old Nayan. Because, my past is my friend for me. 


Friend: So, nothing has much changed in your life. You still wanted to do something else from your current work and cannot do that.

Nayan: No, two things has definitely changed. I don’t have to think about money when I want to buy a book. And I walk too much.

Friend: And, I can add one more.

Nayan: Which one?

Friend: You get salary.

Nayan: It’s obvious. Everyone make money by one or other means. Important is how they earn it.

Friend: At the end of day money is important. As far as you earn money for you and your family, it doesn’t matter that your salary come from work you are interested about or not.

Nayan: That’s true up to some extent. It’s good strategy to get economic stability. Once you start to get enough money, you think about type of work and your interest in it. Because, at that time you have some freedom to think about that aspect. For poor “work of interest” is luxury.

Friend: But, you had that luxury before. And still you have that luxury.

Nayan: Yeah, I had that choice. But, I want to do nothing. For a while, I didn't want to work in which I have to put my soul and body completely immersed in it. I just wanted to response life as it come.

Friend: That’s not much successful, no?

Nayan: Of course, it was successful for me. Have you noticed the difference of opinion on many things between us?

Friend: Yes. You have reduced to write and also sharing your content. You sometime try to shed your shyness and speak your mind. But, you still hesitate in narration, in conveyance of your opinions.

Nayan: I agree. But, I am trying and learning better communication.

Friend: Although, you are trying hard, no sign of change.

Nayan: Okay. Sometime I find it unnecessary to talk. Because, I find it arrogant. Why you should speak, if someone is not asking you specifically. Sometime I remain silent because, I know that other person do not even try to understand my view and will do endless excuse. Though, sometime I get enraged while expressing my views and correcting their wrong narrative. Though they are wrong, they try to impose their idea on everyone. And I want to beat them very hard. But, then my so called humanity stops me. Another reason is that some people don’t want to conceive the idea of context and situational based response.

Friend: See, you haven’t changed in giving long response. You still response    elaborately to yourself, but to others.

Nayan: No, that’s not true. You know that. I talk and chat for very long time with some special people. And I do that very regularly.

Friend: And that’s the one thing that encourage you to live.

Nayan: That’s not a thing. It’s friendship. It’s about emotions.

Friend: And what about your dream?

Nayan:  Following very closely. Now, I believe in dreams.

Friend: I still don’t .They are illusion. You should just response very well to whatever comes in your life.

Nayan: But, I have started to fulfil my dreams and wishes. I want my thoughts to become reality. Now, I don’t believe in your arid rational philosophy of pragmatism.

Friend: But, what will you do if your dream would become reality? Remember your first year of college.

Nayan: I am dreaming impossible. If with the help of God’s grace I will make it    possible, again I will carve out one more impossible dream. You think like that because you haven’t read Richard Bach’s Illusion yet.

Friend: Now, I cannot. Because I am past. Just let me go.

Nayan: I am doing that. I am just trying to learn from you.

Friend: So, here is your lesson. Be calm while talking to others. Be better communicator. And lastly remain true to yourself.  Now, let me go form your mind and start writing. Bye.

Nayan: Thank you so much. You’re most welcome to come again and advise me.