Monday, 13 February 2017

When will your “Right Time” come?

“But what matters is not life but the courage you bring to it”
-From “The Revenue Stamp” by Amrita Pritam

If you want to do something and you always delay it by some or other reason and just waiting for your “Right Time”, then leave this blog and take your first step towards your dream. Yeah, I am directly asking you to leave right now as in life you have very short time to achieve your dreams. There are many more things which have more importance than your current lifestyle. It may be possible that you are holding yourself back and waiting for your right time without any reason. You want a backup in your plan, you want security in terms of finance and emotions, you don’t want to miff someone and blah blah. But, any reason should not be your roadblock in your journey. Be it emotional or financial problem find the way to solve it and start to achieve your dream.

Here, I am not only talking about your financial and professional achievements, but also about your social and emotional goals. Like, with whom you want to live? Who will be in your list for celebration of success?  As life doesn’t go well only with money, you should have some relatives and friends to spend those bucks, too! I believe that everyone has once dreamt of their professional achievements, vacations trips, dinner and party with the best friends and count goes on. You want to do many things in your life, but you are not taking a single step for that. Because, you afraid of failure, fear of excuses and criticism by society, your current situation and your obsession with so called security of life.

Some of your reasons are valid. For one minute if you think about all your past problems then you would realize that if those problems were not there you could not have reached to your current position. Had you got those achievements without any obstacles, you didn’t have that much zeal and joy in your life. Problems will remain in your life. You just have to find the solution for the problems. You have to solve with both patience and passion. If you are stuck in any situation and it is becoming roadblock in your path to fulfil your dream, first clear that roadblock and go ahead. But, never blame situation. Just handle them with care!

On contrary note, a phase will come in your life (or maybe it is existing in your life) when nothing will work. No moral and motivational books and videos will work, your all strategies will fail. Time will come when although you have all the skills and the fortune, things will not work for you. And at that time you have to keep faith in yourself. Just hold on your position and patiently fight with situation, but never ever kill your dream. Because who knows after this tumultuous time you will get your dream life. 

Engrave this in your heart, "If passion is the key to begin, patience is the master key for the tough time."  

So, don’t wait for right time. Because, every situation how bad it is, will give you some strength and push you forward towards your journey. Start it now.