Tuesday, 31 January 2017

180th day at Zero Mile

 Today is my biannual anniversary in Nagpur,the orange city of the India ,also the geographic center of the India. As RSS headquarter is also here, we can say that Nagpur is a political center also (believe it or not 😇). I am going to wite my observations about this tiny city. Though it is one of the oldest cities of India and had mighty rulers, it's not developed like other big cities of India. No buzz about this city among ordinary people of other state like Mumbai, Bangaluru, Delhi etc. One of the reasons behind this is, it's lacking cosmopolitanism.

Despite of galaxy of powerful leaders in both politics and civil society, Nagpur is much behind from those without any political leaders like Gurgaon (Gurugram ,as now they have renamed it). I feel that whatever development is going on should be completed before 10 -15 years. But,  as everything comes and goes with its own time ,Nagpur's development will also happen at it's time.What concern me is that it too much inflicted with conservativeness. They have no medium approach in life and business. In most of the markets you will find either too cheap or too costly things. I think it's because of people are not inclined towards business and entrepreneurship. Majority of the population is depend upon  job.

It seems they are leading inexpensive life. However, it is true upto some extent compared to other cities. Here, in Nagpur there is presence of all the international brand's showrooms and the  most zesty restaurants. But, it lacks in number. You don't find any good food joints in any area easily. People are also somewhat slow in every work. That mentality of job going people affect here the daily life of the city .

There are some good things also, like Ambazari lake, Futala lake, proximity to Tiger reserve national park and forest areas. It's proximity to Wardha and some hill stations like Chikhaldara, Pachmarhi, ambagarh fort site etc.  is making it attractive tourist place. On contrary, government is trying to promote this city as medical hub of central India.

Although my observations are harsh and it's like verbatim from my side, any one can observe that it's one of the most neglected cities of India.  It has all the strength in form of educated people, strategic location, natural resources and the political power, which are enough to achieve global milestone and success.

I wish Nagpur thrive dynamically in near future.

And I am leaving you with one question, why do areas with majority of outsider(immigrant in local sense) either become the posh or ghetto? Think over it.

Have a orange dream!