Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Girl From Ranchi

Between all negative news and crime against women I am going to narrate one candid conversation. This conversation happened between a girl from Ranchi and my friend, it will give us hope and courage. And definitely we will have sense of proud on this generation’s girls. She is my friend’s colleague and also a good friend. She will not fit in our mind set for typical Hindi-Belt people and our stereotypical thoughts for so called “backward” state (Here, I don’t want to demean the state. But, I am showing that what common people are thinking about other state). It will also break your inferior thoughts on girls and their ability.

She represents today’s women. They have some special kind of attitude and courage to do what they want. They want to stay independent. They want to explore the new world. They are afraid of nothing. She has all these virtues.


B: Hey, office time is over. So, put off your identity card.

G: Are, not now yaar! I have married to the company and will be with my company for two years. So I am not going to put my nuptial off. It’s my nuptial not just simple I-card.

B: ha-ha! In which city have you got posting? I've just got Bangalore.

G: Delhi.

B: OH! You have got what you wanted. It’s nearer to your city, too.

G: What! Nearer? It takes 24 hours to reach Delhi from my home.

B: But, you want Delhi. Right? and now you are crying. For me It takes 36 hours to reach.

G: Yeah, that’s why I am happy. Now only question how would I announce this news at my home. They wanted my posting at Bangalore because we have many relatives there. I also got many messages from relatives to stay with them and invited me there. But, now I will be independent.

B: Yeah, you will go and enjoy wherever and whenever you want.

G: yes. And I would have call from mom 7 PM every day and I would say mom I have reached the home though I would be in metro station.
In Ranchi wherever I had to go, someone would drop me there and pick me up when I had completed my work. And If I wanted go visit some place all family would come with me. I could not go alone. Anyway, I was not that much obedient. Sometimes I ran away from place where they drop.

B: I know you are not simple…. . I have not proper word.

G: OK….OK. We understand your feelings. You can speak in Hindi and even in Gujarati. See, you can learn English from friend they are speaking very well.

B: That’s why I have chosen Bangalore. It will improve my English as surrounding will change.

G: I’ve told you to read a paragraph loudly every day. It will improve your tone and pronunciations.

B: That’s enough now. I am best coder in our class. And I was second in interview in my college.

G: So, what? I have also got 9.5 CGPA. However, don’t ask me my results again. I don’t know how to write simple code in JAVA.

B: You are the reason for huge profit of our company.

G: (grinning) Bye. We will see how much you have changed when we will meet.

B: You are here for two years. I don’t know where I will go after one year.

G: Yeah, Kal kisane Dekha. But, Life will be simplified in one year.

B: I don’t want simple life. If all problem will be solved, what would we do?

G: You mean there should some problem in life to live it fullest.

B: Hmm. Bye. Nice to have a friend like you. We will definitely meet in coming years.

G: Sure. Bye.


Here, my intention is to spread the attitude and courage like her so that other girls also get some confidence to do what they want to do and they also purse their goals like this girl, “the girl from Ranchi”.

Do not be dissipated. Be courageous. And always remember independence comes with responsibility.