Monday, 13 June 2016


It’s almost one month I haven’t written any blog. After exam I was in confusion on which topic I should write.  It is possible that some of among us are very clear about their choices and decisions. But, many of us are not that much insightful. If it is not about career, it may be about personal life. But, at least once in lifetime we all have faced dilemma or doubt over own decisions. And  no one can deny this.

In life one of the big question is that what should I do next?  We have many questions in life like to prepare for competitive exam of government job or job in MNC, to pursue master degree in USA or India, trip before joining or small job, early marriage or bachelor for more years, to have child or after stable career, job or start-up, to do according to society or to do according to your mind, to ask for reference or not and many more. Is your question out of this generalised list? Then you must have special question in life but you definitely have one in life.

And I believe very firmly that all should have some confusion in life to clear the mind. Because confusion occurs from available choices or from our prediction of particular situation. So, it is good to have some options in life to select for ourselves. If we will be wrong, it was solely our decision and choice. So, you will not have any regret for that. Life without any regrets means life without any compromise with your choices. In a nutshell you should be happy if you have any confusion in life because it will lead to you the path of happiness. Think if you have not any choice in your life? It must be worse than confusion.

Now, some of you would say we have no any option or choice except wait for right time or opportunity. Dude, find options from your present situation anyhow.  There must be options and choices in some other forms, only you should have to find it with your skill and make your decisions. You have to create your own options and you have to  choose from those options. Because life without confusion of decision is like Song without music!    

Imagine the level of dilemma if god would have given us choices to select our parents and motherland?  Now, say thanks to the God for the decision the God had taken on our behalf before the God sent us to the earth. So that take a chill pill, because in time to come you would not have to take any harder decision than this one. Be firm in your mind and do whatever your skill, situation and knowledge indicate for you. Yeah not heart, because the God has given us mind to think!  And believe me it is very hard to find that indication of mind. It is not simple like reading blog or watching motivational video. For that you have to pass from many experience and phases of life. You have to find it alone for yourself anyhow to make your conscience clear.

Be confused, be successful and keep reading my blogs without any confusion!