Monday, 25 January 2016

Random Thoughts on Eve of the Republic Day

Today morning, while I was reading newspaper and listening Radio, I was very excited and cheerful. As I had taken part in Quiz, mind was thinking very loudly. I was happy about our high winning chances.  Many friends were also very confident about my team’s win. And we lost it in very poor manner. Our over confidence, hastiness and little dominant behaviour again failed us. But, we had no regrets. We were happy. I don’t know the exact reason but we were. Why are we not improving our tactics competition by competition? We should improve not for us, for our society. 

There was plan for Rangoli on Republic Day theme. There was almost zero interest from college students. I have been observing unwillingness from students and college faculty since first year of college. We had to call many friend to convince them to come and make Rangoli. And that poor arrangement for required things was whole another matter of failure of student team. My college has intake of around 1000 students in one batch, and we are struggling to get 7 to 9 students who can make Rangoli. Apart from art, in many preparation, interests from student is almost zero. And what are there excuse for not coming?  ‘I live far from city.’ ‘I have no interest in extracurricular activity.’ ‘I live in hostel. So, I am going to home in holidays.’ ‘I have other coaching class.’ Bla Bla Bla. Can’t you celebrate your nation’s important day in well manner? It is not about jingoism, but it is for nation’s pride. One must have some pride for his/her country.

In the evening we could not tie a knot on the flag to attach it with pole and pulley mechanism for flag hoisting. We wasted almost 2 hours after it. It seems simple in first look. But, why can’t we teach to tie a knot in the flag in school? Or am I too much expecting and expressing? Personally, I felt very bad on our inability. Here, I am not advocating sweet chauvinism. But, we are not true patriotic. We are only social media warrior who can only boast by memes and artificial senseless controversial writing.

So, these three incidents provoked me to write this blog. We are not doing enough for our society. Many people do not feel proud for our country. And reason is our current system and situations. But, who have made all these happen? We by our own selves have made these. Now, we have to make difference by our action in proper channelized manner. Do not waste time to save our historic culture, rituals and old thoughts. If they are useful and necessary in our life, they would remain and self-sustain themselves. People will not take wrong decisions, they always take situational decision to survive in this world. So, never blame mass. If they have to correct themselves, they would. It is basic survival instinct of our nature.

Concluding with some fancy lines.

From Ravi to Rampart of the Red fort, we claimed the Republic,
By Debate, Deliberation and Decision making.
Now, let’s reclaim our Republic,
By Ideation, Initiation and Innovation.