Monday, 25 September 2017

A Trek at Kuraigarh

All I want to do is sleep under stars, wake up to the sound of birds,
And drink coffee in the morning sun.
                                           -        Anonymous

Although we had a lemon tea in the morning, these lines perfectly narrate our experience of night camp and trekking at Kuraigarh, Pench Tiger Reserve! We 38 people form TCS, Nagpur went on adventure trip at Pench Tiger Reserve camp, Seoni, Madhya Pradesh. It was one night and one day trekking camp. We had an amazing experience there. I think, we experienced all the feelings of life in those two days. We not only enjoyed adventure trip, but also gained insights about jungle and its ecosystem from the staff of the Pench tiger reserve. This trek has taught us very important life lessons and importance of even small moths in our food chain. I have no doubts that the memories of this trek at Kuraigarh will be etched forever in our hearts.

On the first day of the trip, we camped near Dudhiya Talab (pond) of the Kuraigarh forest. Though it was raining, we were not getting drenched in rain due to the thick and large canopies of the trees. It was the most amazing thing of the jungle. That abode of tigers and thick green trees gave us thrill, moments of joy and friendship and true meaning of nature. Night at machan and lake house took us to the time of hunting. In the morning, views form machan were so soothing that it pushed us more towards the nature.

After having the lemon tea in the early morning, we started our trek to the Kuraigarh. We were walking on the trail of Monsoon River and passing thru’ the boulders of granite. It was like our legs had eyes, while we were climbing up and down the little rock in our path.  While climbing down form the upper part of the jungle to the path of the monsoon river, all of us had truly understood what survival instinct is. While passing thru’ jungle, our difficult paths became easier due to the guides and team of foresters. They not only guided us on the trek, but also told about many insects, trees, animals and birds. Slight steep climbing was little difficult part of the trek. Because, most of us were fatigued by then. And when we reached on the top of the Kuraigarh, rain welcomed us. When we were going out of breath and sweating too much, rain gave us peace, freshness and new energy. During rain, we enjoyed hot tea and tasty breakfast. Yeah, how can we Indian not think about tea during raining?

And in the last, thrilling ride in the gypsy from the hill top to the camp made us more courageous and joyful. The lush green trees on both sides of the path, telling us about the richness of the earth. It gave us feeling of the heaven for a while. I am damn sure that most of us would not want to leave that place for sometimes. Because, that place taught us the real meaning of life and importance of peace in our life. And most important thing this trip has given is the friend. We all made new friends during this trip. After all this life is all about the connection whether with people or our mother nature.

All I can say in one line after this trek is that,  We should follow the nature, as nature never goes out of the fashion.      

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Is This Our Idea of Freedom?

Many thoughts have been rushing in my mind since the morning. There is nothing special about today's morning except one thing rather a girl. I was in train, heading towards Nagpur.  I have been seeing many girls who travel alone for their job or education since a year. So, it was very normal for me that a girl seated in opposite berth was travelling alone. But, one aunty started to ask many questions about her background and purpose of travel. Then, that aunty started to give moral lecture on women safety and risk for single women to travel in train. She has even boasted that she kept her daughter at home after completion of school because of 'safety' and increasing numbers of 'love affairs'.  Obviously, that girl didn't like moral policing. She avoided that aunty in rest of the journey.

From above incident, I am damn sure that to make our women independent and safe, we have to modernize and educate not only the boys, but whole society also. However, Only education is not enough to make our society progressive as we have many examples of perpetrators who are highly educated.  We can instil good values and progressive mind-set only thru' our family structure and elder people. Because, most of the children learn from elders in their home and neighbours. So, without changing elder's thought process, we cannot change boy's medieval thinking. Even At the 70th Independence Day, why our society don't want to see our women independent? And why do many women support this patriarchy? If anyone can challenge this stone aged patriarchy, it is women. Only women can challenge this narrow mindedness as it is thriving because of their silent support. Undoubtedly, we men also have to support in this cause in every possible manner.

There are boys out there who think that women who travel alone, stay independent, do job, travel at late night, roam with their friends till late night  are available for them. We should teach them that their freedom end where other's freedom start. Some of them even dare to break women's modesty and try to chase them by any illegal means. But, women afraid to speak out even after 70 years of independence. We got freedom from foreign rulers, but not from our superstitious beliefs and patriarchal traditions. And if they speak out and fight against such evils, society start to find flaws in women's dress and character. And women have to face restriction on their freedom in our so called free nation. And that's why we have to free this society from such evil thru' highly progressive value system. We have to change our society holistically.   

Let's start with our home. Discuss this issue with your family and friends. We are very zealous about sending greeting of Independence Day.  It seems greetings for the national days comes only on social media.  I haven't greeted to anybody 'Happy Independence Day' and 'Happy Republic Day' in person except social media. I am curious why we waste our time for such meaningless greetings every year. I believe in real celebration rather than virtual one. Celebrate every festival with full energy and enjoy every colours of life.  But, when we have such importance issues at our end unsolved, how can we pretend to be happy and proud on our culture?

Let's make our mind more free, make our surrounding more progressive and safe for the women.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Shyness is not nature, It’s fear

“If you feel shy, your life is useless.” This is not the quote given by any legendary person, it is a very ordinary person. He is my friend’s relative. According to my views,  it’s ten cents true. When I look back into my life, I find many moments when I wasted them because of this fear. It had cost me joy and true satisfaction in some of my works.
We feel shame because of our past deed. But, shyness is different and it comes from our timidity and sometimes from baseless fear. So, all of us try to overcome this fear. Because, it deteriorates our chances of holistic development.  We have to lose many chances to succeed and lead from the front because of this ridiculous feeling. There are many reasons behind we feel shy. Someone feel shy due to their own body, lack of knowledge, voice, dress, sense of inferiority, lack of confidence and many other reasons. But, in any way, it’s not going to help us. No matter how we have to confront this fear and conquer it. If you are right in all manner, have no intention to hurt someone, then why you should be shy. Be brave and speak out.

These reasons lie only in our mind. It’s because of our inner self. But, some feels shy because of matters which are not in their hands. Like, other’s presence, other’s knowledge and position and even other’s thinking about them. Someone also feels shy because of their work or profession. They should keep in mind that no work is little. Every work has its own significance and every human has own worth. So, don’t feel shy about yourself or work. Here, I have mentioned work and profession, though it has little relevance to this topic. Because, when one doesn't accept work due to his/her thoughts that work is inferior to their knowledge and it has little significance. And in the future, they may not get any other work as well. That work can earn them priceless experience and who knows that work will help them in their future? But, due to shyness and ‘superiority’ complex, we deny those chances and our future as well. It’s myth that shyness comes only because of inferiority complex.

We should beat this fear by keeping ourselves confident, bold and abreast with full knowledge of our work. If you feel shy about doing any work and talk, try to find the reason and face it. Many of the time, it is just matter of self-confidence and taking initiative. Clear those reasons which loom over your mind and you will be able to that work, that talk and those decisions without any doubt. So, keep away those doubts by your knowledge and decision power. Because, doubts lead to death. Be curious, not dubious.

Next time, when you feel shy, just hold your breath and say loudly, ‘So, what?’

Make your shyness shameful!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dialogue With Our Neighbour

You know the Andromedian, right? They are our nearest neighbour in this world.  As they often come on earth, I have got an opportunity to talk with one Andromedian about their lifestyle, rituals and habits. Here, I am going to describe one short conversation .

Me: Hey, are you from Andromeda?  Am I right?

Andromedian:  Yeah. I am from more technically advanced planet than yours.

Me: Of Course, but we are just a few steps behind you.

A: Not steps. Say, centuries. You know, we have developed such a system in which people don’t have to think about their daily routines, customs, food habits and many more things.

Me:  Oh! Systematic living.  But, it seems boring. No?

A: No, it’s very efficient for us. See, we have more time to work on development of our planet. We don’t have to waste time on petty things like choosing cloths, food, career and similar small things.

Me: So, all people on your planet eat same food and wear same dress.

A: Yes. We have a meal plan of a month and everybody has to follow it. It’s a law there.  
Even you cannot find other groceries and vegetables which are not mentioned in recipes of meal plan. And we have a set of colors and design patterns for cloth. All people have to pick their cloths’ style from that pre-defined set.

Me: So, you all get lot of idle time to enjoy with family and friends.

A: we don’t waste our time in such nonproductive things. We have a specified time to party with relatives in our calendar.

Me: For us it’s very boring. And if I want to go on date with my girlfriend or with friends, can I go?

A: We don’t have concept of girlfriend and boyfriend like yours.

Me: So, how do you choose your life partner?

A: Our parents choose for us. And we just marry them without any challenge.

Me: Your life is being dictated. How can you live with a person whom you don’t even know very well?

A: It is not dictatorship as you want to call it. It’s a systematic and scientific life style.

Me: what’s the use of technology when you cannot make any choice and you cannot take decision on your own ?

A: It’s not about personal choice. It’s about nation building, its development and efficient use of time. You cannot waste such a precious time on petty issues like food and celebration.

Me: No, life is about one’s freedom to take decisions on their own. 

A: But, freedom is waste of energy and time. See, we have fixed rules for how to celebrate any event or festival. We have also fixed places for that. So, people have to just go there and follow the instructions for that to celebrate.

Me: We are humans, not machines !

A: We are Andromedian ! We are not human like you.

Me: Okay, okay. You are becoming angry. Please calm down. Let's just talk other issues.

A: No, I don’t want to waste my time on other issues. We are here to observe your lifestyle. So, we can find rebellious on our planet who want to implement your lifestyle. Now, I am going to meet other people.

Me: It’s weird. I hope you will be changed when we will meet next time.

A: No, we don’t change. We are Andromedian. 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

365° Review of last 365 Days

It's been a year now since we had left the college. Initially, I have thought to write my experience in long essay form with some philosophy and memories of college and friends. But, when I have started to think about broad outline and theme of the topic, I have realized that I was talking to my past self to churn out my experiences and learning from those experiences. So, I have decided to put that conversation  here  rather than a long essay of boring philosophy of mine.

Here, Nayan is my present self and Friend is old Nayan. Because, my past is my friend for me. 


Friend: So, nothing has much changed in your life. You still wanted to do something else from your current work and cannot do that.

Nayan: No, two things has definitely changed. I don’t have to think about money when I want to buy a book. And I walk too much.

Friend: And, I can add one more.

Nayan: Which one?

Friend: You get salary.

Nayan: It’s obvious. Everyone make money by one or other means. Important is how they earn it.

Friend: At the end of day money is important. As far as you earn money for you and your family, it doesn’t matter that your salary come from work you are interested about or not.

Nayan: That’s true up to some extent. It’s good strategy to get economic stability. Once you start to get enough money, you think about type of work and your interest in it. Because, at that time you have some freedom to think about that aspect. For poor “work of interest” is luxury.

Friend: But, you had that luxury before. And still you have that luxury.

Nayan: Yeah, I had that choice. But, I want to do nothing. For a while, I didn't want to work in which I have to put my soul and body completely immersed in it. I just wanted to response life as it come.

Friend: That’s not much successful, no?

Nayan: Of course, it was successful for me. Have you noticed the difference of opinion on many things between us?

Friend: Yes. You have reduced to write and also sharing your content. You sometime try to shed your shyness and speak your mind. But, you still hesitate in narration, in conveyance of your opinions.

Nayan: I agree. But, I am trying and learning better communication.

Friend: Although, you are trying hard, no sign of change.

Nayan: Okay. Sometime I find it unnecessary to talk. Because, I find it arrogant. Why you should speak, if someone is not asking you specifically. Sometime I remain silent because, I know that other person do not even try to understand my view and will do endless excuse. Though, sometime I get enraged while expressing my views and correcting their wrong narrative. Though they are wrong, they try to impose their idea on everyone. And I want to beat them very hard. But, then my so called humanity stops me. Another reason is that some people don’t want to conceive the idea of context and situational based response.

Friend: See, you haven’t changed in giving long response. You still response    elaborately to yourself, but to others.

Nayan: No, that’s not true. You know that. I talk and chat for very long time with some special people. And I do that very regularly.

Friend: And that’s the one thing that encourage you to live.

Nayan: That’s not a thing. It’s friendship. It’s about emotions.

Friend: And what about your dream?

Nayan:  Following very closely. Now, I believe in dreams.

Friend: I still don’t .They are illusion. You should just response very well to whatever comes in your life.

Nayan: But, I have started to fulfil my dreams and wishes. I want my thoughts to become reality. Now, I don’t believe in your arid rational philosophy of pragmatism.

Friend: But, what will you do if your dream would become reality? Remember your first year of college.

Nayan: I am dreaming impossible. If with the help of God’s grace I will make it    possible, again I will carve out one more impossible dream. You think like that because you haven’t read Richard Bach’s Illusion yet.

Friend: Now, I cannot. Because I am past. Just let me go.

Nayan: I am doing that. I am just trying to learn from you.

Friend: So, here is your lesson. Be calm while talking to others. Be better communicator. And lastly remain true to yourself.  Now, let me go form your mind and start writing. Bye.

Nayan: Thank you so much. You’re most welcome to come again and advise me.  

Sunday, 23 April 2017

What I Haven’t Learnt From The Books

On the World Book Day When all are counting benefits of the books, I am listing down the things which I haven’t learnt from the books. Because books are not everything in life. Here, I am not discouraging you for not to read the books, but just making you aware about the life outside the books. Because book is a non living thing.

Books are not our real friends. They are imaginary friends. If you think that books are your true friends, then you feelings must be imaginary. Book cannot express emotions except written in them in form of fictional or non - fictional form. So, their feeling is limited by the author’s imagination and thought process. When your mood swing, you can change book according to it. But, you cannot change your real friend. On Contrary real friends try to make you joyous. And you can also influence your friend’s behavior and feelings. But, you cannot change book’s main theme and its feeling. For that you have to change the book. Your real friend don’t have an end until they die unlike books!

I learn to breath, to walk, to talk, to read, to write, to feel, to express, to listen, to think from my parents, friends and surroundings. You cannot rely on books for these abilities. If you haven’t felt happiness or sadness in your life, how can you feel it in book? Books take us into author’s imaginative, emotional and philosophical mind. Sometime it soothe our mind and bolster our confidence. Sometime it dishearten our mind and fail us. Some books give us motivation while some give us realistic scenario. Some books only give academic knowledge. Some books sensitize us while some desensitize.  But, all the narratives of fictional, non-fictional books remain our subconscious mind or unconscious mind!). Then we start to relate those narratives to our own life which cause problem in the life. Because these stories works sometimes and sometimes they don’t. Because life is not same as the books.

If you believe that your life is same as a story of a book, then you should be feared by author of that book (except you are the author of that book). Because that author knows your entire life including your end. That author can ruin your life. So, you should take a book as a book only, nothing more nothing less. And remember that if your thoughts arise from what you have seen, read or listened, those are not your own original thoughts.

But, you should keep reading the books. As every book give us new perspective and knowledge. In fact, I don’t know genuine reason for why should we read the books. But, I love to read the books. Just think over issues I have mentioned above and keep in mind that life is not the book, book is the part of life!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Thoughts From The Iceberg Tropical

While sitting in pleasant surrounding  of one of my favourite places of Nagpur, many thoughts  of Ahmedabad are flashing through my mind. As today is Ahmedabad's 606th birthday, my social media news feed is buzzing with many posts about the Ahmedabad and its uniqueness. I think I have just came to know about importance of my native city when I came here in Nagpur for job. And with every visit to home, I find myself more inclined towards Ahmedabad than before. One major reason behind my too much inclination is that Ahmedabad is more liberal than Nagpur. Till now I have not been in any other city for longer time. However, there is  an another reason also, it is that in Ahmedabd I can meet my friends and relatives in any area and any time.

Now, I am changing my course as new idea has hit my head. Here, I have used liberal word for Ahmedabad because of my experiences with folks of Nagpur. Although my experiences may be exaggerated in nature, but  to whomever I have met until now they are too much conservative(as I have Not met that much people in nagpur compared to Ahmedabad). Few days back I had had debate with my colleagues on Mahatma Gandhi, his relevance, rigidity in our concept of nationalism and religion. I found myself duck when I was beaten by pro Godse and orthodox ideas. It's okay for me if someone have anti gandhian phiosophy. But, how can one excuse in defence of Godse and his righteousness ? It is beyond my understandig. Irony is that all them have studied in so called English medium school with CBSE and ICSE boardsa and India's top private universities. So, once again I have found that formal education is not important for nurturing of well visioned mind. So, I became little bit frustrated and wanted to yell at those hate mongers. But, I  didn't want to ruin my throat and I remained quiet for sometime. 

Now, I am doing verbatim as I have found two inspirational incidents for me on Facebook. I have got some hope from these two posts. One of them is from my friend and intelligent junior during my college  time Salonee Parikh who also write blog  named  CRESCENDO DE MON COSMOS. She has written a post defending the film "Lipstick under my Burkha", freedom of expression and criticized CBFC's narrow approach. Here, you can find her post.

Second post is more relieving for my frustration as it has came from "Navjivan Trust" founded by Mahtma Gandhi. They have taken initiative to distribute Gandhiji's potrait in every police station to put it on the wall of  police station. They are doing so to revive Gandhi when we are near to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji.Here, you can see the post of Navjivan Trust.

Thus, both posts have restored my faith in Gandhi, his philosophy and new morden India. I firmly believe that still Gandhi is one of the biggest brand for us on the foreign countries. Celebration of Ahmedabad's birthday has became more accomplished after I read those two tale  from Ahmedabad.

Long Live Amdavad ! Like that viral post on social media I also believe, Ahmedabad is a city while Amdavad is an emotion ! And this blog is my expression of all emotions for Amdavad.